We have the skills to formulate enterprise-wide strategy and the know-how to manage, design and implement the solution.


This is why MKM Health is different. We provide advice and practical assistance that requires strategic insight into health technology trends, deep health domain knowledge and technical knowledge of hospital systems and health informatics all combined with systems integration capabilities.

Strategic advisory

  • IT strategy and development: Ensuring you cover all aspects of technology management, including budgets, people, hardware and software, vendors, risk management and governance. MKM Health can help develop or review your existing strategy.
  • Enterprise architecture: Our team includes experts in designing and developing architectures and associated roadmaps specifically for the health technology environment. By maximising enterprise models, organisations can reduce solution delivery time and development costs.

Define and initiate

  • Business planning: We work with our clients to define scope, project phases, deliverables, resources, change management approaches, communication strategies, stakeholder engagement processes and governance frameworks. We can also identify and assess those projects that are likely to fail – before they begin.
  • Infrastructure readiness: We can assess the current state of your infrastructure including hardware, software, services, scope, staffing, training, maintenance, and governance. We help to identify the gaps and opportunities for managing your infrastructure more efficiently and can develop a transition plan to ensure your infrastructure, staffing and governance will support strategic project objectives.
  • Procurement: Procurement can be a lengthy process that can influence the scheduling of projects and activities. MKM Health can assist with the process including writing, preparing, evaluating, and qualifying RFPs and RFQs, managing the RFP/RFQ process and evaluating the viability of resources to be procured. We provide you with independent evaluation of best approaches, solutions, and outcomes for your organisation.

Plan and execute

  • Business process analysis: Business process analysis helps to identify real and potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the way your business operates. We help you look for ways to improve your organisations productivity, by optimising your business and clinical processes, and integrating these processes across the enterprise to achieve both business and strategic objectives without compromising patient outcomes.
  • Business case analysis: We can assist in gathering business requirements, both functional and non-functional, gap analysis and definition of scope. This helps our clients to make good decisions that benefit the organisation, and allows them to understand the value of a project or investment. The business case provides practical guidance for managing projects across the project lifecycle.
  • Project management: MKM Health’s project management framework is client-focused, process and outcome orientated, scalable and flexible. We recognise that each project may require a bespoke approach, and can easily adapt to the client’s individual environment, preferred project management methodology and specific objectives.
  • Standards compliance: MKM Health is well versed and experienced with the application of healthcare standards to technology. We can help ensure that your systems comply, and provide a platform to share information across clinical providers.