MKM Health extends patient safety agenda with Blood Tracking product Blood360

MKM Health is continuing their agenda to work with hospitals to achieve best patient outcomes by taking on responsibility for the Blood360 and Sample360 products in Australia and New Zealand.





Blood360 helps hospitals to manage the movement of blood products around the hospital. The system assists hospitals to improve patient safety by ensuring the right blood is given to the right patient. Adverse events can be recorded and analysed. The wastage of blood products can be greatly reduced as the hospital as altered when blood has been away from cold storage for the allowed time.


Blood360 gives hospitals secure control over Blood Stocks from Refrigeration, Blood Sample Management and through the Transfusion Management. The system consists of a central server giving a web view of all activity, kiosks that provide controlled access to blood fridges and bedside software that extends transfusion safety to the bedside. All kiosks and bedside devices talk with the central server in real time thereby providing a real time view of all product movements. It also addresses the requirements of the NSQHS Standard 7 Blood and Blood products.

Blood360 has recently been implemented in the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is one of the first sites in Australia to use a system of this type to reduce the wastage of blood products. Blood360 is implemented in 60 hospitals across the UK’s National Health Service.


Sample360 is a powerful phlebotomy sample tracking and management solution that can operate as simple or as complex as the customer requires. The system helps to eradicate a number of costly errors in the sample taking process from the point of view of the inconvenience to the patient and to the improved efficiencies in the hospital.


MKM Health is looking forward to working with Australian hospitals to implement this information technology which will have a positive impact on patient safety and lead to a reduction in the wastage of scarce blood resources. We are attending the Haematologists Association Conference HAA2014 in Perth where we will officially launch our relationship with MSoft.  


For more information visit the MSoft/Blood360 website.